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AtTask Helps Boosts Productivity for AngelVision Technologies
AngelVision experiences 250% increase in productivity using AtTask's enterprise project management software

OREM, Utah and PORTLAND, Oregon – April 18, 2006 — AtTask, Inc., a leading provider of project management software, today announced AngelVision Technologies has selected the company's enterprise project management software, AtTask, to help improve task management, increase productivity and drive sales.

AngelVision uses AtTask to help manage the production of its unique advertising medium, Impact Movies, which are short, compelling 'online infomercials' that deliver a consistent and persuasive message in a way people enjoy learning. AngelVision implemented AtTask's hosted service, which only requires Internet access and a Web browser.

AtTask ( provides a single focal point for project management that allows AngelVision's production team to assign and assume responsibility for all or part of any project. Information is shared securely between users on a need–to–know basis, and AtTask's automated communication features allow for notification through email to ensure timely review and attention, increasing individual accountability and emphasizing project deadlines.

With an average 400 percent annual growth since its inception, AngelVision was faced with the dilemma of having to double its capacity every six months. Growing at more than one new client per day, AngelVision's projects swelled to more than 100 in a matter of months. "In the first 10 months of 2005, AngelVision completed 100 Impact Movies," said Mike Jingozian, founder of AngelVision Technologies. "In the last two months of the year, following the implementation of AtTask, we were able to increase our production by 250%, completing 50 movies. As a result of our new process using AtTask, production time has been reduced from five months to three months, and we now have more time to focus on developing client relationships."

Since implementing AtTask, AngelVision has also been able to increase the number of projects it manages without adding staff, hiring contractors or purchasing additional hardware or software.

Jingozian added, "We currently have more than 250 Impact Movies at some stage in production. By using AtTask, each project manager can manage 90 projects concurrently without sacrificing one–on–one attention. This is quite amazing, and in the few months we've been using the software, we already noticed an increase in repeat sales. More of our customers are coming back because they know that we can quickly provide a high quality marketing tool that drives sales."

Project managers can use AtTask ( to better understand workflow, employee bandwidth and productivity and areas of concern. AtTask's centralized data storage and customizable reports makes it easy to review information, improve decision–making, make changes and reduce workflow interruptions.

"AngelVision required a project management solution that could help the company grow without having to increase its overhead expenses," said Abe Knell, vice president of sales for AtTask. "The company wanted a user–friendly solution that could streamline tasks, encourage accountability and automate processes to more effectively and efficiently manage movie projects. AtTask supports all of the company's needs, including unlimited projects, and allows for quick implementation without interrupting workflow."

About AngelVision Technologies

AngelVision Technologies, based in Portland, Ore., is one of the nation's fastest growing advertising and marketing agencies. The company produces 'Impact Movies,' which are short compelling 'online infomercials' that deliver a consistent and persuasive message in a way people enjoy learning ( The movies can be used 20 ways, can be used for years and can be translated into 70 languages. Hundreds of companies rely on their Impact Movies as key pieces of their overall sales strategies. AngelVision recently won the 2006 Innotech Innovation of the Year Award for its rapid growth, numerous client success stories and holistic approach to management.

About AtTask, Inc.

AtTask ( is the leading provider of on–demand PPM software. Its flagship product, AtTask, places business intelligence tools in the hands of executives and makes team–collaboration accessible to the front line. Its platform independent and multi–lingual solution is increasing efficiency and productivity for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. AtTask's clients include Adobe, CBS, Johnson & Johnson, Chevron, Fujitsu, Hanes, HBO, Hitachi, GE, McDonalds, Toyota, UCLA, and Walt Disney.