OREM, Utah – May 24, 2006 — AtTask, a leading provider of project management software, today introduced AtTask version 4, a scalable and pluggable project management solution that is platform, database and browser independent. AtTask has been completely re–architected to support the changing needs of small– and medium–sized businesses and large enterprises around the world. AtTask 4 serves as the brains and nerves of any size organization by connecting project teams, applications and systems throughout the enterprise regardless of location, network or operating system (OS) environment.

AtTask 4 is designed to work as effectively for a large enterprise as it does for a small business. The software can manage thousands of users and can run in a clustered environment for improved scalability and availability. Designed as a Java–based project management operating system, AtTask's architecture allows organizations to integrate any application on any OS platform using AtTask's application program interface (API). AtTask supports Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server databases, as well as integration with Apache and IIS. AtTask also supports Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP, Linux, Mac OS X, and UNIX.

"With AtTask 4, we literally started from scratch, approaching development both the business and end user's perspectives," said Nate Bowler, chief technology officer for AtTask. "In today's business environments, team members are often spread throughout the world using multiple operating systems, applications and databases that are critical to their organizations' success. We did not want to limit our customers to Internet Explorer, the Windows operating system or a single database, nor did we want to force our customers to have to invest in new hardware and additional software to support our solution. Rather, we wanted our customers to be able use their current infrastructure while allowing our end–users to employ whatever browser, OS or database they were comfortable with. The result is a truly independent software–as–a–service that meets the technology, operations and budget requirements of today's businesses."

AtTask 4 is also a pluggable solution, allowing organizations to be up and running in a matter of days rather than months. In addition, organizations can use AtTask's Java–based APIs to integrate other software tools into the project management environment and share business–critical information between the applications. Project managers can also integrate suppliers' and partners' applications and data repositories into AtTask's to help improve collaboration, processes and response times beyond the internal team.

"AtTask is the only project management solution designed for the entire team," added Scott Johnson, chief executive officer of AtTask. "From the individual contributor to the manager to the executive team, AtTask's helps to get work done while providing better, real–time information to make more intelligent business decisions. AtTask's is a centrally located project management system that delivers predictable processes and procedures while helping the entire organization to be on the same page. As the human hub for the business automation process, AtTask 4 triggers seamless inter–application communications across diverse platforms, databases and browsers. With AtTask's there are no limits, and everything else is just legacy."

New features and benefits of AtTask 4 include:

* New tabbed navigation interface lets users organize their data more effectively, and users can customize the tabs to display only the data that they need;
* Native application behavior in a Web–based solution. From AtTask's Web portal, users can filter and group lists dynamically; apply different views – including views with custom data – to any lists; and organize, understand, and manipulate data more effectively and efficiently than has been previously possible;
* New task management functionality allows users to manage and assign tasks more proficiently, such as supporting task constraints, predecessor relationships types and fixed dates;
* Issue creation and tracking, including linking issues to specific task projects. Users can define routing rules to automatically assign incoming issues to users or move the issues to other projects;
* Improved tracking and reporting functions give users greater insight into projects and better reporting; and
* Enhanced security framework, document management, search, built–in support and custom display features.

AtTask 4 is available on–demand as software as a service or as a self–hosted enterprise solution. Pricing for AtTask's is based on the delivery model and number of users. For specific pricing information or for a list of new features and benefits of AtTask 4, please call 866–441–0001 or visit www.AtTask.com.

About AtTask, Inc.

AtTask (www.attask.com) is the leading provider of on–demand project and portfolio management software. Its flagship product, AtTask, places business intelligence tools in the hands of executives and makes team–collaboration accessible to the front line. Its platform independent and multi–lingual solution is increasing efficiency and productivity for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. AtTask's clients include Adobe, CBS, Johnson & Johnson, Chevron, Fujitsu, Hanes, HBO, Hitachi, GE, McDonalds, Toyota, UCLA, and Walt Disney.