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AtTask Reduces Costs of SAS 70 Type II Audit More Than 50% for IT Organizations

OREM, UT – May 3, 2010 – AtTask Inc. ( a leading provider of on-demand SaaS project management solutions, today announced it can save users more than 50% on SAS 70 audit costs – further validated by the successful completion of their own SAS 70 Type II audit for IT/Security, Professional Services, and HR.

“Most organizations struggle with the auditing process, as collecting the staggering amount of information required by auditors is difficult, time-consuming, and disruptive,” said Otto Silva, AtTask Director of IT. “AtTask allowed us to create a data trail, minimizing the time we spent in the actual audit, expediting a positive outcome, and saving the company more than 50% of the original estimated costs associated with the audit.”

“Here at AtTask, we use our product to manage internal development, IT, marketing, professional services, HR, and other departmental projects throughout the organization,” added Silva. “This enabled us to hand the auditors the data they required at a moment’s notice, an advantage that any service provider using AtTask for project and portfolio management can employ to expedite their own SAS 70 certification audit.”

By creating a central repository for information, AtTask generates an audit trail that allows software and service organizations to validate adherence to security, issue management, IT, and HR standards. AtTask facilitates inter- and cross-departmental visibility without the need for disparate software solutions or other non-integrated governance solutions, making a SAS 70 audit far less disruptive.

Service Providers receive significant value from having a SAS 70 audit performed. A positive SAS 70 report differentiates service organization from the competition by demonstrating effectively designed control objectives and control activities are in place. AtTask customers who commission their own SAS 70 audit will benefit from the streamlined audit compliance process, significantly lowering the cost and improving the likelihood of achieving SAS 70 certification. Click here to read the AtTask SAS 70 Success Story.

The SAS 70 Type II Audit

SAS 70 was developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and has become one of the most widely recognized auditing standards for software and service companies. A Type II audit includes detailed testing of an organization’s internal auditing controls over a six-month period. Auditors then prepare a final report containing their resulting opinion.

“SAS 70 certification is an extremely important proof point for evaluating to what degree a SaaS vendor utilizes best practices, proper governance, and security controls,” noted Silva. “Successful completion of a SAS 70 audit provides third-party validation that a company complies with the critical internal control standards required by Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.”

The SAS 70 Type II report verifies the audited company delivers fully secure, reliable, effective operating environments with the proper controls for conducting high availability IT operations. The advantage to service vendors of SAS 70 certification is considerable, especially in terms of credibility and customer confidence.

About AtTask, Inc.

The AtTask ( project and portfolio management (PPM) solution focuses all knowledge workers on those activities that make them and their company more effective, innovative, and competitive. This platform-independent and multilingual solution increases efficiency for small- to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies around the globe, helping organizations get work done. AtTask clients include Cisco Systems, GE Healthcare, Google, Hawaiian Airlines, HBO, Interpol, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Rawlings, Samsung, Toyota, and Whirlpool.