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Healthcare Teams Experience Increased Efficiency, Productivity through AtTask
Enterprise work management software helps hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide realize benefits through streamlined collaboration and increased visibility

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, Dec. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthcare systems and organizations around the country have realized double-digit gains in productivity and project success rates thanks to enterprise work management solutions from AtTask.


As healthcare providers grapple with the move to Accountable Care and with meeting evolving Meaningful Use requirements, cost containment and efficiency are top of mind for many executives—particularly in light of a recent report from the Institute of Medicine. The report estimates that nearly a third of healthcare spending (about $750 billion) is wasted on inefficiencies and unnecessary care. Many providers have turned to AtTask to eliminate those inefficiencies by increasing visibility, accountability and cross-functional communication while decreasing manual, repetitive work.

This standardization has led to solid, tangible benefits for each of these three healthcare systems:

University Hospitals

Before AtTask, University Hospitals was struggling to manage 90 projects. With AtTask, they now run more than 170 projects with ease. This means they're able to better focus on their patients.  "AtTask has really standardized the way that we work," said Andy Kinnear, director of the office of project management at University Hospitals. "Before, we would have one project manager who would really like to use Microsoft Excel for his plan, one that would really like to use Microsoft Project for hers, and one that may not have a plan written down at all—it's on a napkin. Now, we have a standard format that we're leveraging as we go to work with those resources."

Tampa General

In 2012, Tampa General was already anticipating a significant increase in workload, with an estimated 70 projects and the opening of several ambulatory clinics. Using only Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, and SharePoint as a document repository and calendar, IT manager Tiffany Schepens knew the PMO was unequipped for such growth. Schepens said that prior to AtTask, "It was about 20 hours a week of manual work, sitting down, checking on projects, getting updates from project managers, and updating documents. It was very, very time-consuming." For Tampa General, AtTask has alleviated these workplace ailments, freeing employees to focus on their actual work and increasing productivity.


At MemorialCare, previously siloed teams were able to finally see and understand what their colleagues were working on and hold a rolling dialogue on each day's priorities. With AtTask, they have the tools and data they need to take ownership for their own requests, prioritize their work and communicate with other stakeholders. "AtTask gave us a good visual dashboard for our leadership to see, on any given day, where our teams were spending their time, where they have bandwidth, and the type of resources we'd need to fill the gaps," said Anna Pena, executive director of clinical systems at MemorialCare. "It has given us a level of vision that we've never had before."

Others within the healthcare industry are taking advantage of the efficiencies provided by AtTask as well. Draeger Medical Professional Services and Fremont-Rideout Health Group are using AtTask work management solutions to improve on-time ratings and increase project capacity. They are leveraging the AtTask enterprise-grade security capabilities as well, a crucial offering as healthcare organizations are among the most security- and compliance-conscious enterprises. With Data Encryption at Rest, Performance Guarantees, Audit Governance and Enterprise-Class Functionality, healthcare teams have the peace of mind that they will be able to stay compliant and secure as they solve their enterprise work management problems.

"We've been incredibly lucky to be able to really see the difference we're making for our customers within the healthcare industry," said Eric Morgan, CEO of AtTask.  "Whether it's through bringing together clinical, financial and technical teams, providing leadership with more visibility into critical data sets or even just keeping hospital IT projects on time and on budget, we're incredibly proud to be part of the solution driving the healthcare industry forward."

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