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Electrolux Gains Visibility, Efficiency, and More Time to Be Creative with AtTask

SILICON SLOPES, UT — July 10, 2014 — The creative services team of Electrolux, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of home appliances, decreased its product cycle by 14 days, reduced meetings by 80 percent, and completed nearly 1,000 requests by implementing AtTask Marketing Work Cloud. This improved marketing work management solution cut the time spent on project management in half and empowered Electrolux to track its projects for the first time, thereby improving prioritization and quantifying the value of its in-house creative services team.

“We’re used to creative people working in chaos,” said Vittorio Cascianelli, senior design manager at Electrolux. “[Non-creatives] don’t expect us to be process-driven, but AtTask helped us formalize our process, making it clear to everyone what will happen once a request is made to Design. AtTask is valuable for anyone working on projects.”

Before using AtTask, Electrolux had no set system for making project requests, which led to requests coming in across multiple platforms—email, instant messages, phone calls, and even Post-it notes—creating marketing work chaos.

“It was overwhelming, and I was spending more time shuffling papers and trying to prioritize projects than actually working on them,” Cascianelli said.

Additionally, Electrolux struggled with getting visibility into the progress of their marketing work. Requestors lacked insight into the status of their requests, and managers assigned projects without the needed data, leading to idle team members and inefficient review cycles.

“When it got to the point that projects weren’t important until they were an emergency, we knew we needed to find a solution to help us,” Cascianelli said.

Electrolux chose the AtTask cloud-based Marketing Work Management solution because “it is the most flexible and powerful solution available,” Cascianelli said. The formalized process gave Cascianelli’s team clarity for the first time into where requests come from and how work flows from initial request through each step in the process to completion.

After implementing AtTask, Electrolux’s processes gained considerable efficiency. The design team’s daily meeting shifted to a weekly need—an 80-percent reduction in meeting time—thanks to better project tracking. With AtTask, Electrolux manages projects with greater organization and remote accessibility in half the time. Where he couldn’t track projects before, Cascianelli now can provide metrics for his team’s deliverables. All stakeholders have visibility into project status, which has created better communication and coordination among the in-house team, external design agencies, and the sales and marketing teams. Ultimately, this improved collaboration has shaved 14 days off the product cycle for packaging design.

Among the AtTask features and functionalities Electrolux found particularly beneficial are:

  • In-line digital proofing—Thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, the digital proofing system has reduced revisions from 12-18 rounds to 3-5 rounds on most pieces.
  • Predecessor relationships—Designers have gained a greater sense of urgency and purpose thanks to having better insight into who is working on what, who is waiting, and how their work is connected to the bigger project.
  • Accomplishments insights—With instant visibility into what tasks have been completed by whom over the last week, month, and year, management can provide feedback about specific projects to team members.

“Recognition for hard work can be rare in a large company,” Cascianelli said. “With AtTask, I'm able to see exactly how many tasks were completed and to thank my team members for the work they've done. I think that is very important.”

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