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AtTask "Day in the Life of a Marketer" Survey Shows a Need to Work Smarter
Almost 1 in 4 marketers logs 10-plus hours on average day

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, Aug. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- AtTask, the only provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions, has announced the results of a study that looks at a day in the life of a marketer.  Among the findings, long hours and lots of disruptions from external sources offer further evidence that marketers need better structure and tools to get more from their workdays.

AtTask, the only provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions, partnered with MarketingProfs to conduct a survey on the "Day in the Life of a Marketer."

The survey found that nearly one in four marketing professionals works 10 or more hours on an average day. Thirty-six percent of respondents said interruptions were a major distraction to their workdays, while more than a third said they spend three to four hours a day in email.

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • Multitasking machines—Multitasking is the norm, with 41 percent of marketers saying they frequently multitask in meetings. Not all are proud of it, though—43 percent of those who said they often multitask also said they do so reluctantly.
  • Time suckers—An astounding 40 percent of marketers blame manual tasks, unexpected projects and rework as primary sources of lost productivity.
  • Application overload—Opening, closing and switching between applications can cause a big drain on a marketer's day. Eighty-two percent of respondents said they typically have at least six different applications or tools open on their desktops.
  • Lunch break? What's that?—Desktop meals are standard for marketers, with a whopping 56 percent of respondents saying they eat lunch at their desks. Much smaller numbers of marketers eat in the office break room, outside or at local eateries.
  • Artists at heart—When asked about what they'd do if not working in marketing, one in three respondents named a career in the arts. Among the specific dream jobs mentioned were writer, singer, actor, designer, floral designer, and various careers in fashion and filmmaking. Interestingly, 16 percent of respondents dreamed of a career shift to a more left-brained field like business, law or engineering.

"In a fast-paced marketing environment, efficiency is everything," said AtTask Chief Marketing Officer Joe Staples. "This survey validates what we know to be true—that marketers can't expect mythical extra hours to be added to their workday, even while all of the interruptions and distractions push them into overtime to finish projects. Instead, they need to do more with the time they have, and that can happen with better collaboration, visibility and communication. Marketers lose too much time to problems that could be avoided or resolved with the right structure and tools."

AtTask provides the right structure with a single, central solution designed with marketing and creative teams in mind. AtTask Marketing Work Cloud boosts productivity with its integrated collaboration and visibility, helping marketers carve out more time to create quality work.

AtTask partnered with MarketingProfs, the largest online community of marketers in the world, to conduct the survey online, with almost 800 marketing professionals answering the questions on MarketingProfs's website. Survey respondents varied in job type, career level and/or leadership position and age.

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