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Workfront helps Threshold Enterprises Shed Cumbersome Tools and Enables Productivity
Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud enables Threshold staff to collaborate more effectively and prioritize their work with one complete solution

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, Feb. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --  Workfront , formerly AtTask, the leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions, has enabled Threshold Enterprises, Ltd. , a West Coast manufacturer of nutritional supplements, to gain visibility into its workflows, free up precious time and effectively collaborate using a single unified system. Since implementing Workfront in January 2014, the departments and teams that have fully integrated the solution now spend roughly 70 percent less time in meetings and using email. In the IT department, they manage 95 percent of the collaboration that used to occur via email with Workfront.

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Threshold's IT Director, Charlie Muller , knew that disjointed email, spreadsheet and project management applications would not give his firm the resource visibility and productivity it needed. He resolved to find the "best-in-class" enterprise work management tool on the market. Muller now uses Workfront to manage his work, and it has freed up to 30 percent of his daily schedule, enabling him to focus more on strategic initiatives. Recently he helped establish a project management office for Threshold, an effort that would have been too time-consuming before.

Email was a hard way to manage work

Prior to Workfront, work at Threshold was mostly email-based. Staff members had no way to visualize and prioritize their work, having to spend time extracting valuable information from long email chains and reacting to emails as they came in, rather than based on the relevance of the task. Due to multiple tools and a lack of visibility, Charlie Muller said that employees often had to "fly by the seat of their pants."

"It was very hard for people to manage work out of email," explained Muller. "They had to put data into other tools like Excel, and then attempt to manage efforts by going in and out of toolsets. There was no consistent fabric for people to engage and collaborate with, or prioritize their work. From staff on up to management, there was not a real measure of productivity or success."

With Workfront, the IT staff no longer requires spreadsheets to manage work. Using the solution's custom forms , Threshold IT's business objectives are dynamically linked to their Workfront dashboard, eliminating the need for supporting documents. The IT department has even extended Workfront to several key vendors, enabling those managers to directly interact with ongoing projects. And with Workfront's reporting capabilities, explains Muller, he can get up to speed on the current state of a project faster because all communications are in context. The departments in which the solution has been adopted have eliminated over 80 percent of their old work management tools. Threshold plans to have Workfront implemented in 90 percent of the company by March 2015.

A transformative enterprise application

"Having implemented numerous software systems, I've found Workfront to be an especially transformative, innovative piece of software," said Muller. "Workfront takes things to the next level. If it's applied correctly with discipline and commitment, then it's a game changer. Workfront really connects people and allows them to work together in a more engaged and purposeful manner."

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