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ProofHQ Survey Finds Marketers Gridlocked by Content Creation

Dallas, TX— November 17, 2015 - A global survey of marketers and creative teams in more than 30 countries released today by ProofHQ, a Workfront company and global leader in online proofing, found that marketers and creative teams are overwhelmed by content creation demands. According to the survey, more than 72% of marketers work on more than 4 different projects at any one time. This influx of demand, with a decrease in focus, has gridlocked marketing departments. Adding to the challenge, marketers are under strict time constraints within complex revision processes.

According to the Marketing Dilemma Report, marketing and creative teams need to produce more creative content at a more consistent rate without the proper processes or tools to support the increased output. This results in project delays, disorganization and frustration among team members.

"Due to changing brand standards, increasing content quantity, and the long approval processes, marketers struggle to stay both creative and productive in today’s complex marketing landscape,” said Joe Staples, CMO of Workfront. “By implementing an online proofing solution, marketers have a single application that enhances productivity and improves brand consistency with a standardized, streamlined creative review and approval process. More importantly, it allows teams to focus on priorities ultimately resulting in better quality marketing and creative content."

Some other interesting findings from the Marketing Dilemma Report include:

  • Project Delays — 25% of marketers name multiple handlers, lack of ability to track feedback, and too many approvals as the primary causes of project delays.

  • Inefficient Review Processes - Nearly half of project managers say they have more than 4 individuals involved in the typical review processes; and 53% of collateral must undergo numerous rounds of reviews before final approval.

  • Outdated Auditing Processes – Nearly two out of three marketers (65%) still use email and hard copy for auditing.

  • Overzealous Brand Compliance Regulations – 73% of organizations say they must comply with regulatory and/or brand standards.

  • File Formats — 60% of marketers work on more than one file type at once within the same project.

ProofHQ helps marketers stay productive by streamlining creative review and approvals, supporting multiple channels and file types and providing enterprise-ready security and infrastructure. ProofHQ’s powerful workflow tools track each piece of creative content under review as well as each team member’s contribution to the process. By providing a centralized feedback platform, teams are able to collaborate seamlessly. This eliminates the need for unnecessary approval rounds and version control file tracking.

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Survey Methodology

The survey was conducted online on July 15, 2015 within more than 30 countries, generating more than 450 respondents. 75% of respondents were from professional organizations with more than 25 employees.

For a complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Shelbi Gomez at

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ProofHQ, a Workfront company, is the global leader in online proofing, used by nearly 3,000 of the top brands and agencies worldwide. ProofHQ streamlines the review and approval of creative content and creative assets so that marketing projects are completed faster and with less effort. It replaces email and hard copy processes, giving review teams tools to collaboratively review creative content, and marketing project managers tools to track reviews in progress. ProofHQ can be used across all media including print, digital and audio/visual. To learn more and to request a custom demo, visit

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