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Workfront Delivers GL Education Group 80% Productivity Gains

LONDON, UK — December 1, 2015 — GL Education Group has deployed Workfront, the leading provider cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions, to increase the consistency of its software delivery process across multiple business units. Since deploying Workfront, GL Education project managers now have complete project visibility, which has resulted in 80% productivity gains. Reporting time has also been reduced from 48 hours every month to just minutes, and senior executive confidence in project planning and execution has skyrocketed.

Prior to deploying Workfront, the GL Education PMO discovered inconsistent processes across project teams and tools, which led the company to evaluate and select the cloud-based Workfront solution to manage work projects. Project Managers also had considerable difficulty capturing and tracking lengthy schedules in Microsoft Project.

With Workfront, GL Education has simplified reporting processes and significantly reduced reporting time. Now team members run weekly project management reports and monthly budget reports that include information about key milestones and budgets with the ability to report on spending in minutes instead of days. More accurate data has given management greater confidence that project managers are in control of day-to-day issues, and executives can now see at a glance where their involvement is needed.

“Productivity is a huge benefit of the Workfront solution. We’ve seen an 80% increase in our project managers’ productivity,” said Natalie Egan, group program manager at GL Education. “Reporting is also automated in Workfront so it takes just minutes to access critical management information. We can validate reports in one place too, which makes us more confident about what is going on with all projects around the business.”

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