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Workfront Increases Ameritas Creative Team Collaboration Effectiveness by 50%

SILICON SLOPES, UT — March 9, 2016 — After undergoing a massive rebranding effort three years ago, Ameritas, an insurance and financial services company, implemented Workfront to manage the large workload. Workfront has enabled real-time collaboration and project updates to happen seamlessly on the team, resulting in a 50% increase in the team’s overall effectiveness.

Prior to deploying Workfront, the leading enterprise work management solution, creative services project managers at Ameritas were responsible for capturing details from line-of-business requestors and manually entering new projects into the database. But because project managers had different processes, there were inconsistencies in the way requests were made, projects were tasked, and progress was communicated. The deployment of Workfront significantly improved the intake process—streamlining and standardizing requests.

“Now the ownership lies in a more appropriate place, with the project owners,” explains Denise Moore, traffic production manager at Ameritas. “They create projects and then the tasks to accomplish those projects are cascaded to our team for completion. It’s a much better solution for everyone.”

The Ameritas team completes approximately 3,000 creative services projects each year—with small and large requests coming from employees across the company. With Workfront, the team has achieved the following additional benefits:

  • CUT MEETING TIME IN HALF – The Ameritas team of creative services professionals used to attend a 30-minute daily stand-up meeting to receive project updates. Because all of the task information is now up to date in Workfront, the meeting lasts half the time and is more productive.

  • REDUCED REVIEW CYCLE TIME AND COST- Prior to processing the discovery phase through Workfront, creative proofs for all projects averaged six rounds of approvals. Now out of the team’s 3,187 total projects annually, only 5% require six or more proofing rounds. With cycle times reduced and most proofs now generated and reviewed online, Ameritas is saving employees time and reducing the number of hard-copy proofs required. In addition, there is less load on the email system because reviews and feedback happen directly in the Workfront solution.

  • IMPROVED COMMUNICATIONS – The creative services team has begun to use Workfront to predict periods of higher workloads and proactively address them by reassigning tasks to different resources. Because expectations are now set more accurately, there is reduced miscommunication and improved collaboration.

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