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Workfront Goals Connects People and Teams with Enterprise Objectives

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, Aug. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Workfront®, the work management solution for the enterprise, introduced Workfront Goals, a new application that gives companies the ability to set and communicate clear objectives, and keep teams and individuals aligned and focused on the right work to achieve the right outcomes. Workfront Goals is available immediately.

Traditional goal management and OKR solutions facilitate periodic, top-down planning that often fails to get activated in the day-to-day work that drives outcomes. Workfront Goals connects, tracks, and provides insights into how team and individual work is impacting organizational objectives. As a result, every manager and team member can understand the importance of their work in the context of company plans, and leaders can help teams stay on track to achieve results according to plan. With Workfront Goals, enterprise leaders can now: 

  • Consistently communicate strategic objectives and success criteria across the organization.
  • Proactively guide team members and eliminate roadblocks, with real-time data that indicates where work is misaligned or stuck.
  • Inspire confidence and engagement in every team member.
  • Accelerate performance by eliminating wasted time and resources, and optimizing talent.
  • Track performance to goal in real time to achieve the right results.

Goals is part of the Workfront enterprise work management application platform, so company objectives can be connected directly to projects and work. As people and teams complete work, goals are updated to reflect progress and outcomes.

"Workfront Goals gives us visibility into all goals that's translatable and traceable across every level of the organization. Being able to cascade goals, visualize how work connects to those goals, and understand whether we're moving in the right direction ensures all work is supporting our larger strategy," said Jen Krempa, Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Administration, Penn State University

"Now more than ever, businesses must find new ways to deliver impact efficiently. Finding ways to align the workforce around corporate objectives when priorities continually shift and the market evolves has become one of the greatest challenges for leaders during this extraordinary year," said Alex Shootman, CEO of Workfront. "Workfront Goals shows everyone across the distributed workforce how their work is aligned to the broader strategy. People are measured not by deliverables or outputs, but by how their work contributes to outcomes, which brings meaning and fulfilment to work, and is a powerful engine for innovation and business growth."

In addition to Goals, Workfront also announced Scenario Planner, a new application that allows business leaders to build, compare, and deploy work management plans. Together, Goals and Scenario Planner transform how enterprises align strategy, planning, and work execution. 

Additional Information

  • The Workfront Goals product demo is available here.
  • The Workfront Scenario Planner product demo is available here.

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